About Us

Hagglund Hire Scotland is a small family run enterprise set up recently by David Campbell. Throughout a career working with many different types of ATV, including Argos, Snow Tracs etc, we ended up with a Hagglund. After 10 years of work with it we decided it was the most capable and potentially versatile machine we had seen.


Using it on all manner of jobs on estate and farm life, both for ourselves and friends/neighbours, the Hagglund proved itself again and again. Whether providing access for shooting/stalking parties on difficult hill ground with no roads, or getting feed to livestock in extreme winter conditions the machine never let us down.


After that we decided to start looking at possible variations on the machines which led to the flatbed trailers and most recently the Hiab.


The list of uses is now endless and our aim is to provide a safe, prompt, reliable service to our customers.


Please contact us for any advice, or to discuss your needs in detail.