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Hagglund BV206 specifications.





Hagglund BV206 vehicle description.

The BV206 consists of two tracked units linked together with a steering unit, each one consisting of a chassis with the body mounted on four rubber elements. The chassis of the front and rear units are identical, except that a two-step drop-down gearbox is mounted in the rear end of the front chassis.


The track assemblies are mounted to the central beam by two transversal leaf springs. Each track assembly holds four pairs of roadwheels on trailing arms sprung by rubber tension springs. The idler at the rear, with tensioning device is also supported by a rubber spring. All four track assemblies of the vehicle are identical and interchangable. The tracks are rubber with longitudinal textile cord and integral steel profile reinforcements.


Steering is accomplished by changing the direction between the front and rear unit by two hydraulic cylinders, servo controlled from a conventional steering wheel. The hydraulic system is built up of commercially available components. The steering unit is specifically designed to permit a wide range of movement between the two bodies.


The engine and transmission are mounted in the front unit. A shaft connects the gearbox inside the body. Cardan shafts transmit power to the final drives on the front end of both chassis. Power plants exist in both petrol (earlier models) and the more recent diesel driven units.


The bodies are made of Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP), which is fire resistant, with PVC foam insulation. Each body is built like a closed box with integrated roll over protection. Heating of the units is by heat exchangers, this enables the front windscreen to be kept clear of ice down to -40°C. The bodies have holders for lashing cargo in the rear unit and also in the rear part of the front unit. The rear unit is also provided with brackets for carrying four strechers.


Front Car* Rear Car* Total
Curb weight 2710 kg (5974 lbs) 1620 kg (357l lbs) 4330 kg (9545 lbs)
Payload 580 kg (1279 lbs) 1670 kg (3682lbs) 2250 kg (4961 lbs)
Gross weight 3290 kg (7253 lbs) 3290 kg (7253lbs) 6580 kg (14506lbs)
Passengers 5 (6) 11 16 (17)
Cargo space 2.5 m3 (88 ft3) 5.5 m3 (194 ft3) 8 m3 (283 ft3)
* Driver 70 kg (154 lbs) included in payload